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  1. Loss 40 pounds in 40 days
  2. Reduce pounds & Inches at the same time
  3. Increase your energy, sex drive and wellbeing
  4. Liberate from depression, and reduce the risk of Cancer, Diabetes Mellitus, Heart Disease, Osteoarthritis..
Great testimonies from many happy people after the HCG Diet, it's easy is a fun....

Liberate del sobrepeso y luce tu cuerpo este verano con La Dieta HCG !!  Comienza Antiaging aqui !!

  1. Pierde 40 libras en 40 dias
  2. Reduce libras y pulgadas a la vez
  3. Aumenta energia, deseo sexual y bienestar
Liberate de la depresion, y reduce el riesgo de Cancer, Diabetes Mellitus, Enfermedades Cardiacas, Osteoartritis entre otras...

Tenemos grandes testimonios de muchas personas que han perdido peso con la Dieta HCG

How does it works ?
HCG is the pregnancy hormone with different effect at the hypothalamic level during pregnancy including nourishing and obtaining calories from stored fat from the mother using a partially known lipolytic mechanism. HCG spare structural fat and muscle, reducing  fat from those places you don't want it. HCG also increases wellbeing and sexual drive among other effects, that is the reason you can tolerate a hypo caloric diet as an adjuvant therapy.

Finish with the YO-YO effect, previous experience with Frolich Syndrome demonstrate a beneficial effect at the hypothalamic levels reducing permanently the hungry  and cravings desires, this is the reason people maintain healthy weight after doing the HCG, cutting half food intake if protocol is followed adequately.

 The most important part is that the program must be medically supervised, specially in the hands of an expert in metabolic disorders and hormonal replacement therapy. Visit our section of Antiaging Medicine, or Age Management Medicine and visit our holistic Antiaging clinic in San Juan, Puerto Rico,  

Request an appointment, the office's staff would gladly introduce the concept and briefly explain the program. Dr Vazquez-Tanus will evaluate with a History & Physical and will order a set of labs and other tests as required, additional tests and costs might apply depending on patient's health status. Next, a second visit will be performed to responsibly again explain the program, decide hormone doses and start !. Follow up would be individualized according patient needs.

Como trabaja HCG?
HCG es la hormona del embarazo con diferentes efectos a nivel hipotalamico. Durante el embarazo se encarga de nutrir al feto y la madre obteniendo calorias de grasa almacenada usando un mecanismo lipolitico parcialmente conocido, pero solamente usando la grasa almacenada en aquellas areas que no quisieras tener, no utilizando la grasa estructural ni tus musculos. HCG aumenta tu sentir de bienestar y deseo sexual por eso puedes tolerar una dieta hipo calorica como terapia de ayuda entre otros efectos.

Termina con el efecto YO-YO de otras dietas, experiencia previa en el Sindrome de Frolich demuestra un efecto beneficioso a nivel hipotalamico donde reduciendo el hambre permanentemente asi como los deseos de comer excesivamente y entre comidas, esto explica porque las personas que hacen la dieta HCG mantienen el peso permanentemente cortando por la mitad los deseos de comer, si el protocolo se hace apropiadamente.

 Pero lo mas importante es que este medicamente supervisada por un experto en trastornos metabolicos y terapia hormonal. Visita nuestra seccion de Antiaging o manejo de envejecimiento para mas informacion y tambien obten informacion de nuestra clinica holistica y de Medicina Antienvejecimiento en San Juan, 

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